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Sponsorship Opportunities

We believe a good partnership is an important and integral part of the marketing process. Through premium ad placements, monthly product reviews, social media, high-quality photography, video and vehicle graphics we'll help you promote your brand in the best possible way. We are dedicated to promoting the Yellowstone backcountry experience along with the companies and products that make the outdoors accessible and we hope this ongoing effort will inspire all those who enjoy trekking in these remote and wild places.

For additional information or to request a sponsorship packet please email or call Brian at: brian@trailguidesyellowstone.com or 406-595-1823.

The Economics of Outdoor Recreation

Statistics have shown that more people are experiencing the outdoors in ever increasing numbers, creating a $730 billion industry, the third largest in the country. Outdoor enthusiasts are spending around $44 billion a year on products that are tied to their favorite activities and camping is at the top of the list next to fishing and running. More than three out of every four Americans participate in some form of outdoor recreation each year. Activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and wildlife viewing generate enormous economic revenue and like most national parks Yellowstone is at the heart of these outdoor activities.

Yellowstone offers spectacular recreational opportunities and is a popular travel destination for both local and out-of-state visitors. On average the number of people who spend time in the backcountry of Yellowstone exceeds thirty to forty thousand per year, and more than 1 million people will plan an overnight stay in one of the 12 frontcountry campgrounds located throughout the Park. This means that more than one-third of all visitors to Yellowstone will spend time camping in one form or another and this is our target audience.

Yellowstone Tourism Numbers by the Year

2005 = 2,835,651
2006 = 2,870,295
2007 = 3,151,343
2008 = 3,066,580
2009 = 3,295,187
2010 = 3,640,185
2011 = 3,394,322

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