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Why Advertise with Trail Guides Yellowstone?
With our background in marketing, interactive web design and photography we've created a media rich experience that is designed to give visitors to Yellowstone National Park a comprehensive understanding of what awaits them on a day hike or backcountry camping trip. The Trail Guides website was created to be both informative and product driven, and as an advertiser this gives you the opportunity to place your products or services in front of a very specific audience. Because hiking and backpacking are synonymous with Yellowstone we know that our viewers will be looking for outdoor gear to complement their wilderness adventures. With more than 3 million tourists traveling to Yellowstone National Park every year our goal is to provide practical and relevant information as well as the latest and most innovative products that will make a trip to Yellowstone a memorable one. Read more on the Economics of Outdoor Recreation.

For additional information about our advertising rates and or to request a media packet, please email or call Brian at: or 406-595-1823.

The Benefits of Advertising Online?

Dollar for dollar web advertising is much more economical compared with print advertising, and online advertising can be tracked quickly and easily using powerful tools like Google Analytics. Accurately measuring web traffic allows you to focus your marketing dollars with companies that will consistently push traffic quality to your own site. Providing viewers with a unique and enjoyable online experience will translate into more exposure and revenue for our online advertisers. We also want our advertisers to have access to high-impact promotional opportunities like video ads that are not yet available on other websites. This quality viewer interaction is the concept behind Trail Guides Yellowstone.

Ad Specifications

Leaderboard Ads = 720 x 90 pixels at 300k, jpeg or gif - Non-Flash
Box Ads = 300 x 250 pixels at 40k, jpeg or .gif - Flash = 45k
Tower Ads = 160 x 600 pixels at 40k, jpeg or .gif - Flash = 45k
Hiking Pages = 500 x 90 pixels at 40k, jpeg or .gif - Flash = 45k
Video Ads (Popup) Call or email for details

All Flash content must adhere to the file size limits indicated above and may not
exceed 18FPS (frames per second).

NOTE: Flash is not supported by the iOS platform and will not display on Apple devices like the iPhone or iPad. Please choose your delivery method carefully.

File size limits must include the image size and any associated script or code
needed to deliver the ad (e.g. a 30k ad with associated code of 5k will be
counted as 35k).

Email ads to

Ad Material Deadlines

GIF/JPG/Flash: 5 business days prior to ad campaign start date.
Rich Media: 5 business days prior to ad campaign start date.

Creative Services

If you need help building an ad we can help. Trail Guides uses the marketing agency I Spy Design in Bozeman, Montana as our go-to resource for creating web ads that will get your product noticed. Additional charges may apply for creative design, or ad unit development. Please send all advertising requests and ad design inquiries to the following address:

Please review our Advertising Terms & Conditions carefully before purchasing ad space. You can download a PDF copy of our advertising terms and conditions by clicking here.

The Economics of Outdoor Recreation

Statistics have shown that more people are experiencing the outdoors in ever increasing numbers, creating a $730 billion industry, the third largest in the country. Outdoor enthusiasts are spending around $44 billion a year on products that are tied to their favorite activities and camping is at the top of the list next to fishing and running. More than three out of every four Americans participate in some form of outdoor recreation each year. Activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and wildlife viewing generate enormous economic revenue and like most national parks Yellowstone is at the heart of these outdoor activities.

Yellowstone offers spectacular recreational opportunities and is a popular travel destination for both local and out-of-state visitors. On average the number of people who spend time in the backcountry of Yellowstone exceeds thirty to forty thousand per year, and more than 1 million people will plan an overnight stay in one of the 12 frontcountry campgrounds located throughout the Park. This means that more than one-third of all visitors to Yellowstone will spend time camping in one form or another and this is our target audience.

Yellowstone Tourism Numbers by the Year

2005 = 2,835,651
2006 = 2,870,295
2007 = 3,151,343
2008 = 3,066,580
2009 = 3,295,187
2010 = 3,640,185
2011 = 3,394,322
2012 = 3,445,771

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